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*inhales* what a beautiful day *exhales* to play video games for 15 hours straight

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little baby sirius thinking muggleborns and muggles are nightmarish things because he’s forced to accept it (though he doubts there’s anything more frightening than his parents)

little baby sirius as a first year and trying not to bristle when people mention they’re blood because he’s supposed to believe they’re filth (but he’s more scared that his parents have been lying to him his whole life because these kids seem harmless)

little baby sirius saying ‘mudblood’ during a conversation with the other little baby marauders and james stares and peter frowns and remus glares (while sirius goes white because he is terrified he’s done something wrong and his thirst for acceptance that was finally being quenched just might disappear)

little baby sirius being calmly taught by the marauders that those words are hurtful and shouldn’t be used and that blood purity doesn’t matter and that no, they don’t hate him

little baby sirius not being scared anymore

Slytherin!Harry AU where Draco and Harry sneak glances at each other during classes.

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Sometimes I just look forward to the gifs you post and then read the comments later. There so funny!